Universe Size

Our universe has existed since 13.8 million light years after the big bang theory. So, we have been reciving lights in both directions since 13.8 million light years. That makes the lenght we have observed to around 27.6 million light years. But since our universe has been expanding that would make its size furthur more […]

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Big Bang Theory

Now here comes the most controversial topic, contradicting most religious beliefs. Physicists used to believe universe was static (stable) based on their observations. Thus they concluded it was ethernal until a priest named George Lemade made a huge statement which wasn’t just based on his religious beliefs but after finding out observations done by Hubble […]

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Universe what is it?

Universe is what we see, know¬†and also what ever exists, what ever has existed, our past present and future. It include things we don’t know about, the world beyond milky way, different stars,anti matter,dark matter, multiverse universe and what not. Our planet Earth is like a small bean present in one of the fruits in […]

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